La Paika - easily the best on piste restaurant. With an enviable BBQ selection, it offers high quality dining with stunning views. If you’re dining in large groups, don’t forget to book - Telephone - +33 (0)4 50 92 85 22 .

Le Grand Pre - cheap and cheerful but the pizza is to die for! Based at the bottom of 3 key lifts, it’s a handy meeting point the perfect easy lunch. You can book a table if you are in large groups so pop in and make a reservation as you pass.

La R’mize - Number one on Trip Advisor, La R’mize is a must for your chalet night off. Make sure you book at the start of your stay (or we will be happy to make a reservation for you). It’s got an incredible selection of wines and the food is divine. Telephone - +33 4 50 79 75 57

Biskatcha - owned by the same family as La Paika, Biskatcha is an in resort equivalent. With stunning cocktails and foot to match, what more could you want? Telephone - +33 (0)4 50 84 55 35 

L’Op Traken - ideal for all of the family, L’Op Traken is the best pizza restaurant in the village itself (in our humble opinion) They do a take away option which is perfect if you’ve booked a nanny on your hosts night off. Telephone - +33 4 50 84 03 71

The Kariboo - if you’re looking for a quality burger, this is your spot! They are no fuss but are incredibly popular with locals so be sure to book! Telephone - +33 9 82 36 68 31



Bar Bush - the perfect spot for apres ski, football or a good old knees up, Bar Bush is owned by eccentric Chris (Cindy) who is a Brit, but unfortunately an Evertonian - you win some you lose some! The Friday night Bar Bush quiz is a highlight of any holiday!

Bar Bowling - ideal for all of the family, Bar Bowling has 2 bowling lanes, a pool table and darts. It’s open from early afternoon so if the kids have had enough skiing for a day it’s a great way to keep them entertained. We recommend booking though - it gets very busy!

L’Apres Ski - located at the base of the Chavannes run, L’Apres Ski is perfect for what it says on the tin - Apres Ski! Make sure you get your deck chair early to watch the Wednesday night Torch Lit Decent hosted by the ESF.

activities for children

Ice Rink - Come to skate in Les Gets right in the center of the village. You can hire props to support small children.

Snow Train - Take the kids for a tour of Les Gets by train. It runs everyday, both summer and winter, and drives you from Mont-Chery to Les Chavannes across the village, for free.

Tobogganing - You can hire or purchase toboggans fairly cheaply in resort. The base of the Chavannes run is incredibly popular for tobogganing in the evening. Make sure you bring a pair of suitable snow boots and an extra set of gloves!